Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love Body Nana

I was looking for some new toys to import for my store and came across dolls.

Something like this one.

Pretty HOT, huh? LOL.
I checked how much these dolls cost.....and....

SAY WHAAAT??? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!!!  My eyes almost popped out my head.

These dolls cost easily over $5000 USD. Price is one thing but I was also surprised  when I was told that demand for these dolls are very high. Manufacuturers can't keep up with sales. 

hhmmm, maybe I should switch to doll business.....

These dolls even have vagina, we call it masturbator, they call it insert.

We carry some masturbators on our store. We might be able to sell our masturbators to doll lovers.

I want something cheaper please, I said.
They said what about this one?

It's an air doll. It's about $40 - $50 depends on a model.
I said which one is the best selling air doll?
They showed me this.

Nice, she looks HOT.
Can I see the actual doll in the package?


No head? I can't sell a doll that does not have a head.
They convinced me that people will buy this...

The name of this doll is "LOVE BODY NANA
Not a bad name...LOL.

So, I'm expecting this doll to arrive in a few days.
It has a hole at crotch, and masturbators can fit in it, and you use it like this.

Fleshlight masturbator can fit in it too. That's a big plus.

It looks like a perfect fit but when you look at it from side, it does not fit perfectly. Because Fleshlight is long, the end tip must be folded a little.... well, as long as it works, it shouldn't be a problem.

You can actually put a dress on Nana.


Seriously, hope it sells.....


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