Friday, July 8, 2011

A new item "Newly Transferred Student" masturbator from Toy's Heart

Yes, it's another funny named Japanese masturbator we just imported. Most of Japanese masturbators we carry are priced kinda high. I really want to keep the price as low as possible but because of the shipping fee, import tax, and US dollar being weak against Japanese Yen, things add up and selling price ends up high. I know some customers aren't happy about that, and I am sorry.

Newly Transferred  Student isn't as expensive and seems to have good quality for the price, so we decided to give a go.

                              Toy's Heat always makes their packages interesting.

                          Inside look.

As for the Busy Aichan tits masturbator, I haven't been given the date from Tomax yet. It's been over a month since it was released in Japan, but Tomax still can't keep up with their orders. Reviews of Busty Aichan started to show up by lucky customers who were able to purchase, and not some of them, all of them say the feel of those breasts is incredible. 

Can't wait to start selling them here in U.S.

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