Thursday, September 8, 2011

Apologizing for having many items out of stock. - Sep 8th 2011

Currently too many items are out of stock, and I am sorry about that.

Next shipment will arrive probably, hopefully, crossing fingerly, 16th of this month. More Busty Aichan and Quty Tits are coming along with many other out of stock items.

Bad news....
I was told that Toys Heart Strawberry Girl masturbator was discontinued in Japan. 

I ordered them and getting them with the next shipment. But when those are all sold out, that's it. No more. Because Strawberry Girl was a pretty well designed economical masturbator, it would be hard to find a replacement.

We will be adding more products from Mode-Design. They started making rechargeable toys, and quality of their toys is great. Most of their toys are made of very high quality silicone, and the smoothness of silicone surface is unreal. You gotta touch it yourself to believe it. manager...

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