Friday, October 7, 2011

Meiki Sarah masturbator is coming soon.

For those who are waiting for Busty Aichan and Quty Tits, we've already ordered them to Japan. Manufacturer, Tomax, advised us that Busty Aichan is still flying off the shelves and don't have any in stock. They said they would save some for us, and we are expecting them to get here by the end of this month.

Also we are getting Meiki Sarah masturbators as some customers requested. We can't say exactly when they will be here but hopefully soon. Yes, it comes directly from Japan.  Price is $77.99. We try our best to keep the price low but Meiki masturbators are heavy, and shipping fee alone is high. But we still think that our price is the lowest in U.S.

Although we don't sell many vibrators ( ....hoping to sell more....), we ordered another "made in Japan" vibrator called White Cyclone. It is a very simple rabbit style vibrator but because it's simple, it's reliable and trouble free. We always like to carry Japan made vibrators. Its shaft vibrates AND rotates, and the clit vibe vibrates. It uses 4 AA, so you can imagine how powerful it operates. Price will probably be $29.99.

We over stocked on Succubus Bumpy Road and are thinking to give a few away. We will announce about how we will give away soon.
Thank you. manager....


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