Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Masturbator from MODE-design -- January 25th

We now have 2 masturbators from MODE-design, and one of which, Yukina Yotogi, has 2 firmness in 1 kinda deal. Pretty interesting idea. We will have many more masturbators from MODE-design in the near future.

Another thing is that we have 3 Quty Tits that were obviously opened at U.S. custom when we imported them. I could see some dust inside, so we needed to clean them. When they open them, they normally open just a box, but this time, they actually opened all the way. It's not that those 3 of them are in terrible condition. We just needed to remove some dust off them, that's all. But we believe it's not fair to sell them with a regular price when those were touched by someone's hands.

Only for those 3 Quty Tits, we want to sell them for $47 and free shipping. (reg. price $59.99 plus shipping) It's saving of close to $20 considering free shipping. Absolutely no return will be accepted for any reasons though.

If anyone is interested. please contact us from "Contact" us page on our web store.

Thank you. manager....

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