Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dianna Dahlgren

We weren't, for some reason, able to upload our blog for the past 2 days, and finally it allowed us to do so today.

Today's post absolutely has NOTHING to do with sex toys. It's just that I personally follow motocross / supercross racing and thought this clip was funny. AND Dianna Dahlgren, Miss Supercross is THE HOTTEST girl on earth, seriously. For those who don't know her, check her out. Lol.

Also hoping that writing her name on the blog helps bring some new people here.

And Blake Baggett, a guy in this video is a real 2012 motocross champion. He is funny and likable, and incredibly fast on a dirt bike .... and ... funny.

By the way, we only have 3 entries so far on the Sujiman Kupa Roa giveaway. We understand that you don't want your friend to find out that you are a fan of sex toy store by clicking our "like" button, but hey we all know everyone likes sex toys.

... store manage ...

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