Saturday, March 19, 2011

Visiting Japan.

I am currently in Japan, visiting a place located about 60 miles north of Tokyo. It has been over a week since the magnitude 9.0 devastating earth quake and the deadly tsunami have stuck north eastern part of Japan, and news about the earth quake and tsunami damage are still on TV 24/7. Over 20,000 people are either dead or missing, and those who survived lost everything and need every help they can get. I feel powerless because donation is the only help I can give.

On top of that, problem at Fukushima nuclear complex is very frightening.

Even in the city where I am at right now is experiencing a shortage of gasoline, and on average people have to wait 2 to 3 hours in line to get gas at gas stations, but that is not even a problem compared to what people in the disaster stricken area are going through right now.

I am staying here for a few more days.

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Unknown said...

I can only imagine how bad it is over there.