Saturday, May 7, 2011

Male masturbator Nayonayo

A new arrival from Japan is Hip swinger Nayonayo male masturbator. It's made by NPG company which is the same company that makes Meiki masturbator series.

This one is kinda big. It weighs 3lbs and 9 oz. Too big a masturbator to hold with one hand. It's not quite as big as a real person but you still can hold it with two hands and fuck it like having sex with a tiny woman. Lol.

It has 2 holes, and I think it's obvious what holes I'm talking about.

 Not 1 hole on each though.

And there is more to this Nayonayo. She has a motor in it which is removable which is nice when you clean it. The motor works as a vibrator and a swinger at the same type, and each function can be controlled individually with a easy to operate controller. With the motor in it, you probably don't have to move Nayonayo at all. You just insert your penis in it, and the motor does the work for you.

 Inside of vagina has a few sections, each with different texture. Both vagina and anal holes are small and tight.

Oh, and one more thing about this Nayonayo masturbator. It has hair.

If you are not into hair, you can pull them off. If you are into shaving someone's pubic hair, lucky you, you can enjoy shaving, but remember the hair don't grow back. hehe.

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Rods Toys said...

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